Kentucky State Society
Children of the American Revolution

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2017-2018 National & State Projects

National President:  Erin Moore, Georgia

National Theme:   "Browsing History"

National Project:   The C.A.R. will be raising funds for James Monroe Online (JMO).  This is a free and open online portal to access images and searchable transcriptions of the archival collections devoted to our nation's 5th president.   JMO will honor and modernize the legacy of the last president who served in the American Revolution. 

State President:  Nelson Paul

State Theme:   "Fresh Foods for Kentuckians"

State Project:  Support for Kentucky Farms to Food Banks Trust Fund.  K.S.C.A.R. has a goal of raising $5,000 to help feed Kentucky's hungry.  The Trust distributes its funds to the Kentucky Association of Food Banks who in turn purchase fresh vegetables and fruits from Kentucky farmers.  Farmers are given this outlet for second grade produce otherwise unmarketable due to cosmetic imperfections or size differences form their wholesale order specifications as well as an outlet for an over-abundance of unsold product.  This will not provide any profit for the farmer, but will help offset losses and recoup some of the costs of production for the produce including the cost of packing and transportation to deliver the product to the food bank.