Kentucky State Society
Children of the American Revolution

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Kentucky State Presidents and Projects

State Presidents
Isabella Bastien
Alena Cruz
Ella Hall
Woodford Ragland
Nelson Paul
Spencer Paul
Sandra Humphries
Support for programs at Hindman Settlement School.
Raised funds to support Active Heroes.
Funds to help with building a Fisher House in Lexington, KY.
Funds for restoration of colonial kitchen at Duncan Tavern Historic Center.
Raised funds for the Kentucky Farms to Food Banks Trust Fund.
Funds to support Kentucky Honor Flights
Raised funds for the Kentucky Veterans' Program Trust Fund
Jordan Hall
 Support for the military dogs serving in the Middle East
Jonas Bastien
 Scholarship funds for children of veterans & our military to attend Camp ArtyFact at KY History Center
Mitchell Clouse
 Scholarships for youth to attend the Camp for Courgeous Kids in Scottsville
Haley Rigg
 Funds for the garden at the Duncan Tavern & donation to the James Ramage Civil War Museum
Mallory Clouse
Support for the printing of educational booklet at the Kentucky History Center, Frankfort
Joshua Malone
Raised funds to place a bridge at Yew Dell Gardens, Crestwood
Sarah Green
Funds to purchase a spinning wheel for the Lincoln Boyhood Home & paid to print garden brochures
Meredith Clouse
Support for the Ephraim McDowell House, Danville
Cody Malone
Raised funds for the restoration of the Louisville Marine Hospital
Zachary Rigg
Raised funds to place a flagpole at the Jack Jouett House, Versailles
Maggie Clouse
Raised funds for traveling trunks at Locust Grove, Louisville
Andrew Green
Raised funds to help toward the restoration of the Duncan Tavern Historic Center, Paris
Meg Giffen
Support for the Pioneer Museum at Blue Licks Battlefield State Park, Mt. Olivet
Rebecca Miller
Support for Hindman Settlement School
Marianne Stonefield
Raised funds for computers in the John Fox Jr. Library at Duncan Tavern Historic Center, Paris
David Wagner
Financial support for rebuilding Logan's Fort
Sarah Dawson
Scholarships for students to attend dyslexia summer camp at Hindman Settlement School
Lydia Wagner
Support for Duncan Tavern Historic Center, Paris
Jessica Zink
Support for the Kentucky History Center, Frankfort
Jean Ellen Melton
Researched and wrote a history of the Kentucky State Society C.A.R.